The Fencers Club

New York, NY
100 Year Old Fencing Club Moves into Modern Space

The Fencers club is the oldest fencing club in the United States since it was established in 1883. After several moves, it was determined a larger space was needed to expand the facilities to accommodate after-school fencing classes, local and national tournaments, training camps and general fencing. Previously an open floor for printing presses, the new location needed a full renovation, including a main fencing room, shower rooms, coach’s rooms, offices, a homework / meeting room and a store.

The main floor is lit by windows on the north and south walls, creating a large, light-filled open space.  A professional quality hard maple floor was installed over the existing concrete, with19 aluminum strips fastened to the wood. At the east and west wall, the maple flooring was wrapped up the walls to enclose the room, providing long-lasting wall finishes. Mirrors for training were placed at the ends of strips, constructed of ½” thick tempered glass to resist impact, and a glass wall with ½” thick tempered glass separates the meeting room from the strips, creating a space for parents and observers to watch the fencing, and to allow students to study between bouts.

Photography / Peiheng Tsai